Tony McKeon, Board Certified Coach

Board Certified Coach Tony McKeon Photo Tony McKeon has been changing lives – one career at a time for 25 years. He is one of a small number of Board Certified Career & Leadership Development Coaches who hold board certification in five coaching disciplines. He has helped well over 1,000 professionals transition. His signature one-on-one and management team coaching standards are the highest in the field.

As a trusted advisor, executive resume writer, and career coach, he writes for and helps accomplished professionals power their careers forward and upward.  Individual engagements typically focus on ambitious personal career advancement.  Corporate engagements often focus on leadership development (at both individual and management team levels), strengthening behavioral competencies, and driving change initiatives.

Tony works with individuals and corporate clients in both government and private sectors across the U.S. and internationally.  He works with a wide range of senior leaders in Washington, DC.

Tony holds a BS degree from Northeastern University in Boston and numerous professional certifications, including his Board Certification from the Center for Credentialing & Education, Inc. in Greensboro, NC.  (See Board Certification below)

The company’s charter is simple:  The Success of Our Clients Will Perpetuate Our Growth

More than 80% of new business each year is earned through referrals.

“As a nationally recognized subject matter expert on career advancement, I write executive resumes for senior leaders wanting to distinguish and differentiate themselves on paper.”

Our Values … Our Creed

  • We value people much more than we will ever value technology
  • Our business model will always be about earning new business
  • We help clients build relationships and referrals – our business exists because of them
  • We can – and do make career advancement a timely reality
  • We see higher self awareness as a critical gateway to greater career success
  • An ounce of confidence is worth a ton of experience
  • We know why people count on us – we simply do what we promise

One-on-One Service with a Global Reach

Certifications and Business Partnerships

Tony McKeon Board Certified Career Coach Credential

Center for Credentialing & Education, Inc.

Center for Creative Leadership

Korn/Ferry – Lominger

U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council

Prior to the acquisition by Ernst & Young, Tony was Director for the Middle East & North Africa for Universal Consensus, a leading provided of cross-cultural business solutions for multi-national organizations.

Business Partner & Principal Consultant with Alsari Group

Member of International Executive Resource Group